Planning A Wake For A Loved One

When planning the services for a loved one, you may be focused on the funeral. However, there is a bit of planning that goes into hosting a wake as well. Use this guide to plan a wake that honors your loved one while also providing comfort for all of the bereaved. Plan To Arrive Early Your funeral director will work to make sure that all flower deliveries are placed in the chapel or viewing room ahead of time, and he or she will also arrange the casket to meet your loved one's final wishes. [Read More]

4 Things To Do While Waiting For Adoption Placement

Adoption is not an overnight process, regardless of how much you may want it to be. It takes time for the entire process to play out. Once all the paperwork has been filed and your personal life and finances have finally all been dissected and approved, there is still a waiting game. As you wait for your child to be placed into your home with you, your nerves will likely be shot. [Read More]